Website Design and Development

  • We offer website design and development as well as online application development, maintenance, and search optimization. Whether you have ideas or design concepts for your site, or you need inspiration or samples to get going, we can help. If you need online applications either standard like blogs, forums, calendars, customer list signup or if you need a custom solution such as an online store with full shopping cart, shipping, inventory, and reporting functionality, we can do it. We also offer search engine optimization services.

Computer Repair

  • Many companies and retailers offer computer repair services. We differ in many ways from the others. First, we have no financial interest in whether to fix your computer, or buy new. The same goes for parts. We are not a retailer, we are strictly computer services. So if you need parts, we can get them, or you can, but either way, we take no profit on parts. Our best interest is in servicing your computer to your satisfaction. We also provide computer buyers consultation services.

Network Services

  • From complete installation to configuration, from wired to wireless, from business to residential switches, routers, servers, firewalls, cable runs, we do it all. We can set up a network that is cost effective and scalable. We can make sure that your network is secure from external and internal attacks. Let us take a look at your current network, or lack there of, and we’ll let you know what you’ll need to make your network work for you.

Computer System, Software and Peripheral Consultation

  • Since we are not retailers, we can offer reccommendation and consultation services that have no financial interest for us in what you buy and where you buy it from. We all too often see many people buying computers without knowing what they need. Many people spend many hundreds of dollars more than is necessary buying a system that is only marginally better than other systems that can get the same things done. Some also may buy a “budget” system and they aren’t getting what they need, when they could for the same or marginally more. Also, we offer software consultation services. We have experience with many software applications and can reccommend a package to help you get things done.